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Body Zorb

What is Body Zorbing?

Body Zorbs are large inflatable balls that you slide into, so they fit above your knees and over your head. You can then crash and bump into other Body Zorb players. Body Zorbing allows you to run, walk, jump, flip, back roll and bounce into other Body Zorbs. Your legs are outside the Zorb so you are free to move and do what your legs want to. Just put the Body Zorb over your head and arms through the harnesses and you can safely Body Zorb.

Body Zorbs are ideal for:

Birthday parties, school carnivals, corporate events, fundraisers, festivals, bachelor and bachelorette parties, etc.


Body Zorb Red Rover, Body Zorb Tag, Body Zorb Football, and Human Hamster Ball races are just a few of the game ideas we have for your next party or event.

Additional informantion:

*Children must be at least 7 years old and at least 4 ft tall.

*There must be a large area to operate the Body Zorbs or Human Hamster Balls.

* A power source is needed to inflate the balls. One trained operator will run the session.



**Please call for pricing 678-371-9090 or email:

Discounts are available for multiple hour rentals.